Best Dolby Atmos Headphones in 2021

Headphones are the need of the day. We hardly see people, specifically youngsters without headphones. As there is a tremendous advancement in modern technology, most of the focus for earning has been directed to gaming. Thus, headphones are not only for outdoor or casual use but are also used for gaming and recordings. Numerous brands are manufacturing headphones at an immense rate therefore, it might be challenging for us to choose one of the best. In the crowd of so many headphones, Dolby Atmos are the best quality headphones. Now you can buy the best Dolby Atmos headphones for movies, gaming, or any other activity.

Before buying, do keep in mind the purpose of your purchase and other factors related to your purpose. In this way, it will be easy for you to grab one of your choices. Not every headphone is perfect. Every piece has its limitation, go for the one which matches your requirement. Hence, here are enlisted some of the headphones by Dolby Atmos.

Top 5 Dolby Atmos Headphones that you need to know

Following is the list of the 5 best Dolby Atmos headphones that you might need to know before buying:

  1. Razer Tiamat 7.1

If you are looking for one of the best Dolby Atmos gaming headphones, these are the ones. Not only this but, it can also be categorized as the best headphones for movies. Razer is one of the best headset manufacturing companies whose goal is to provide the best-enhanced quality items. It comes with an external control unit. This control is responsible for the sound adjustments between true 7.1 surround and stereo audio. With easily understandable controls, you can mute/unmute or connect with external speakers effortlessly. Also, it has 10 discrete drivers which deliver 7.1 surround sound right into your ears and creates a fascinating soundstage. 

Razer is an extremely comfortable headset. Therefore they are considered best for gaming. Additionally, they have a uniquely manufactured headband that provides balanced weight distribution. Furthermore, it reduces the clamping force making it light on the head.

Talking about the appearance, they are of classic black color. It has a 3.5mm Jack-type connector. There are 2 x 20mm drivers, 2 x 30mm drivers, and 1 x 40mm drivers. These will deliver Bass frequencies at their best. Meanwhile, it has a rotatable mic for crystal clear audio. Hence, you can pull it down or flip it away as you desire. Chroma lighting feature flaunts your gameplay experience.

Thus, Razer Tiamat 7.1 will be the most convenient headphone for gaming at a reasonable price of $65.

  1. Dolby Dimension Headphones

Dolby dimension headphones are one of the best headphones for Dolby Atmos. Being the best one, they are frequently used indoors and outdoors since they can be considered as best headphones for indoor entertainment.  The Listing will be incomplete without the inclusion of Dolby’s manufactured headphones known as the Dimensions. 

These are over ear-worn wireless headphones. Furthermore, they have some unique features including loads of Dolby audio technology. Dimension is mainly designed to give a great Atmos experience with its Atmos enabled device.

The Bluetooth connectivity contributes much to the quality of audio in this as well. It has 40mm, drivers, with a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz which is responsible for enabling a decent bass. Besides, with its quick charging feature, you can charge it for just 15 minutes to watch a whole movie. Further, these headsets are touch-enabled so you can adjust volume, access a virtual assistant, and toggle the LifeMix feature.

Additionally, these dimension headphones offer frequent switching between different devices. Wear these for hours with a comfy design. The looks of headphones matter a lot thus dimensions are made with a light leather-like material that covers the ear cups. The headband is made up of the same material with metal for shaping.

Adequate padding and the large oval ear cups make them comfortable for the period and are the lightest with a weight of 330 g. The three programming buttons are located behind the right ear cup.

One of the most impressive features of these headsets is head tracking. This will make the sound appear that it is coming from one direction. Besides, it has a micro USB port for wired charging. It cancels out the external sound making it peace for you while listening and ensure more concentration. 

In final words, Dolby dimension is overall best headphones for indoor use with some drawbacks including high price.

  1. Sony L600

If you are a couch potato and want an overwhelming headphone to make your Netflix movies sound more interesting then grab these Sony L600 headphones, the best Dolby Atmos headphones for movies. Sony is already a well-known brand for manufacturing its electronic goods. Sony L600 is not the best budget headphones since they are expensive.

Firstly, they are very comfortable in appearance as well as in real. These provide comfort to the user. Besides, these are lightweight and reduces fatigue or pressure on the ears. You will eventually forget that you are even wearing them. Like the Razer Tiamat, it also gives high-quality sound with 7.1 ch cinema-style surround sound.

Furthermore, it has been manufactured with four sound modes: Theater Mode, Game Mode, Sport Mode, and Voice Mode. Therefore, you can choose a mode easily to carry out your task depending upon the requirements. Sony provides a long-lasting battery of 17 hours. Therefore, you can watch your favorite movies or play games for as much time as you want.

Besides, it comes with a charging stand and that stand works as a charger as well as a headphone stand. In this way it saves space and you do not need to worry about keeping headphones at a separate place. Moreover, this charging stand is not only a charger but, also comprises multiple audio inputs. Thus, you can connect different devices, such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and TVs effortlessly.

Besides, the 40 mm drivers deliver quality sound with a wide frequency range and powerful bass. Also, it has wireless communication technology. Thus, it can easily let you connected with its wide range of connectivity i.e., up to 98.43 ft. even if you leave your room.

  1. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Here is another best Dolby Atmos headphone by Razer. It is one of the best Dolby Atmos headphones for Xbox one. Razer is one of the best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturers in the US. This tournament edition 7.1 surround headset has a retractable noise-canceling mic. Your teammates will hear a clear sound of yours by enabling crystal clear communication. 

It comes with a thicker headband to provide more stability and reduction of pressure on the head ensuring plush gameplay. The frame is made of Bauxite Aluminum which makes the headphones more comfortable, flexible, and extremely durable canceling the chances of breakage or damage.

Likewise, the ear pads contain cooling gel. This is mainly for the reduction of heat during gaming. And, the soft cloth and leatherette induce softness and comfy feeling to your ears. Thus, you can enjoy gaming without getting distracted or irritated. The memory foam in the headset cups fits into the shape of the gamers’ heads easily. Also, the heat transfer fabric has a faster ability to evaporate sweat and come up with gaming ease.

Furthermore, 7.1 surround sound software enables you to experience clear and accurate positional audio during gaming. Additionally, with these gaming headsets, you can enjoy superior sound clarity. You can hear sound detail with its punchy bass.

The book should not be judged by its cover. These bulky-looking headsets appear to be heavy but as you wear them, you will get to know how it feels. It will be like a feather on your head.

Razer Kraken gaming headset includes a volume control wheel and a mic muting switch. Thus, you have In-line audio control headsets. Meanwhile, they can be connected via a USB connector and is available on Windows 10 64-bit only.

  1. Sony MDR-HW700DS

The last pick is another Sony over-ear headphones. It represents a top wireless model of the Sony range. It is counted in the best headphones for Dolby Atmos because of its great battery life. Besides, these produce the best quality sound so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. The incredible sound quality is its one feature, there are more to be looked upon. Besides, it comes in wired as well as in wireless form. Thus, you can roam freely after connecting your device with them.

Moving further, it has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours which is pretty much. Furthermore, these Sony headsets come with an incredible decoder that can operate headphones at 9.1 surround sound. This feature contributes to the enhanced experience of cinema at home. The decoder can handle different types of audio formats including Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES, DTS, and DTS Neo: 6, MPEG-2 AAC, LPCM 2ch/5.1ch/7.1ch, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

These headphones can regenerate 5.1 and a 2 channel stereo sound. Meanwhile, with a 50 mm neodymium driver these wireless headphones can respond to the frequency from 5 Hz to 25 kHz. This results in receiving totally clear audio.

Besides, multiple listening modes allow you to customize the settings depending on the connected device. Another tempting characteristic is its capability of hosting up to 3 advances HDMI sources as well as pass-through 4K Ultra HD for the latest generation TV.

Meanwhile, it comes with additional accessories which include a 1.5m AC Adapter Optical digital cable, and a 1.5 m Charger micro USB cable.

Like the previous headsets, they are also bulky looking but still seem nice. Sony always fulfills the standards of comfort and ergonomic. They can be worn for hours without any negative impact, providing soft padded cups. Also, the manufacturing material plastic is sturdy and durable ensuring scratch resistance. It does not have a built-in microphone which is its biggest drawback. Nevertheless, it is still the overall good headphone.

Final Verdict

In the final analysis, make sure you know the priorities and the characteristics you want in your headphones. Before all, keep yourself aware of the cost of the product. Besides, know the purpose of your purchase to avoid chaos at the time of buying. Battery life, charging speed, charging method, availability of microphone are some top most demands of buyers.

Since you are now familiar with some of the best Dolby Atmos headphones, it will be quite easy for you to choose one according to your desire and requirement. Meanwhile, if it is still difficult let us help you!

In our opinion, SONY MDR-HW700DS is the overall best headphones for Dolby Atmos with the most astounding features. If you want to play games or watch movies or even listen to songs with whole concentration, these will be the best for you. You will have a great time after connecting these earphones. If you can’t afford the cost of these do not worry, we have another in-budget recommendation for you.

I hope this blog proved helpful to you. Which headphones do you like that most? Let me know in the comments. 

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