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7+ Best Gaming Chairs for Short People in 2021

Gaming is one of the best ways to sharpen and relax our minds at the same time. If you are a passionate gamer, comfort should be your priority for long-term gaming. Using uncomfortable chairs only leads to spinal pain and bad posture. Best gaming chairs for short people are hard to find, and the normal ones can be pretty uncomfortable for them.

To give the best gaming experience to short heightened people, manufacturers have designed the best gaming chairs for the small people that fit their bodies perfectly. For more ease, we have discussed our top 7 perfect chairs that complement compact people.

These chairs will help you play games and explore your computers for as long as possible without muscle spasms and tardiness.

What to look for in a gaming chair for short people?

Are you a short person who is constantly having difficulties finding the right gaming chair?

Well, here are some features that you should keep your eye on which are as follows:

  • Design
  • Height
  • Backrest quality
  • Chair depth
  • Adjustable height
  • Weight the chair can support
  • Adaptable hand rest
  • Your feet sold touch the ground properly while sitting
  • Material the chair is made of
  • Foam support in different places
  • Mobility of chair

Judging these things in every seat will lead you to the best gaming chair for short people within minimum time.

Top seven best gaming chairs for short persons

There is a ton of specifications that matters while choosing a gaming chair for a petite person. We finally picked out the 7 best selection of gaming chairs with our extensive research that suits minor persons perfectly while maintaining their good physique.

1. Core SX chair by AK Racing

Brand name AK racing
Complete Height(inches)59
Chair depth(inches)19.3
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 330
MaterialLeather (PU)
Adjustable? Yes
Recline angle180 degrees

SX chair is one of the best gaming chairs for petite people. If your height is less or equal to 5ft 6 inches, then this gaming chair is a perfect match for you. It gives a good adjustment range. The seat depth of 19.3 inches, offers a perfect and comfortable positioning for small to medium-sized people.

It is made with a corrosion-free painted metal case for durability, which is covered with premium quality foam padding of cold cure type. This is amplified with rugged and robust PU-type leather, widely used in auto industries. These features not only make your chair look good but are comfortable for more than eight hours of gaming.

For a quick nap, you can recline this chair backseat up to 180 degrees without any squeaking in addition to tilt-able armrests that you can move in three different directions. It gives maximum control to the people to adjust their seats according to their height. The main point to consider is the price point that makes it a high-end gaming chair for small persons.

2. OFM gaming chair

Brand name OFM
Complete Height (inches) 48.25
Chair depth (inches) 18.8
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 275
MaterialLeather (soft thread)
Recline angle No recline

Suppose you prefer padded gaming chairs that we think you should know some about the ES collection chosen OFM chair. It is almost entirely padded, having padding on the armrest, back seat, and seat side, giving you the perfect comfort.

All of this padding is covered with high-quality soft thread leather with an intricate design. It is a good gaming chair for a posture with cushion support. This stylish chair is height and tilt adjustable and can rotate up to 360 degrees, helping you select the perfect seating position.

Along with its affordability, the undesirable feature that can be a problem for some people is its armrest. You cannot adjust its armrest and can only flip it. This can cause some severe annoyance among people with a particular body type.

3. X10 flash furniture gaming chair

Brand name Flash furniture
Height (inches) 42-46
Chair depth (inches) 19
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 250
Material Polyurethane
Adjustable? Yes
Recline angle 180 degrees

With nineteen inches of chair depth and a back-seat height of 27.7 inches, this chair competes for the best gaming chair for bad back due to its contour and cushion supports. This chair has a defined and soft contour that perfectly supports your lower number area. It comes with two cushions, each for the head and lowers back, for a satisfied positing.

This chair is also enabled with a rocking and locking option with sharp contrast colors of neon and black. It elaborates that while playing, you can rock back and forth on the backrest, and you can also lock the backrest to prevent movement. For proper shoulder support, it is designed with an elongated shoulder support to prevent sore arms.

Its waterfall design controls the posture perfectly. You can recline the seat up to 180 degrees, making it a suitable gaming chair you can sleep in. Moreover, it is 360° swivel and height-adjustable, fulfilling all the requirements of a good gaming chair that kids of 14+ age and adults can use easily without frequent complaining of back and shoulder pain.

4. Gaming chair by DX racer

Brand name DX racer
Complete Height (inches) 52
Chair depth (inches) 18
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 200
Material Mesh
Adjustable? Yes
Recline angle 135 degrees

This chair is excellent for long-term gaming and office work. It is an all-black and elegantly formed chair that allows comfortable working under all circumstances. The entire structure of the chair is made up of a hardcore metal frame that is corrosion-resistant. This premium quality metal frame can bear a maximum weight of up to 200lbs. To finish the look, this chair is covered with high-quality foam and nylon casing.

With an overall height of 52inches, the backrest of this chair is specifically designed to be longer than the regular gaming chairs. This elevated height supports the back correctly without degrading the muscles. This technique is pretty effective for long-term working.

This gaming chair by DX racer is highly adjustable in all forms. You can receive it up to 135 degrees recline with a full swivel that complements armrest adjustment for a comfortable sitting. With accessible gas lift technology, you can surely elevate or depress the seat height with a single push on the lever.

5. AK racing EX wide gaming chair

Brand name AK racing
Overall Height (inches) 59.06
Chair depth (inches) 19.6
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 330
Material Polyester
Adjustable? Yes
Recline angle 180 degrees

The material quality of this gaming chair is as same as any car seat, which means that it promises durability with maximum comfort. Its metal frame is filled with pure cold foam encased in breathable polyester with is not at all irritable and good for you if you are not a leather chairs fan. If you like heavy foaming, you will feel weird sitting on it.

The chair gives a 360° swivel, and full mobility help goes in a different direction while remaining seated. The hydraulic height adjustment enables to adjustment of the chair length from almost 17 to 21 inches.

A total 180 degrees recline with adjustable hand rest lessens the pressure from the back and shoulder joints. These fantastic features come with a whopping price of three hundred and thirty dollars that can be pretty heavy on the pocket. But considering its durability and smooth acting features, some gamers will approve it for kids and adults.

6. BestOffice gaming chair

Brand name BestOffice
Height (inches)48.5
Chair depth (inches) 18.3
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 250
Material Leather(PU)
Recline angle 155 degrees

Although it is specifically designed as an office chair, it is widely used by gamers as well. We know that there is quite a difference between gaming and office chairs, but when you want both qualities in one seat, the best office ergonomics seat is the best choice for you.

Not only you can perform office work on it, but it also suits hours and hours of gaming. Due to its firm built, it can easily support and move smoothly even under 250lbs of weight. If you are a small person whose weight is on the heavy side, you can sit comfortably on this chair dies to its overall design.

This lightweight seat has a height of 21.6″. This is almost ideal for short people. This chair comes with wide adjustment settings that include swivel and easy tilt, a gas lifting mechanism for height adjustment, backrest locking, and flipping techniques of hand rest adjustment.

7. Racing style 110 by RESPAWN

Brand name RESPAWN
Height (inches)51
Chair depth (inches) 21.5
Max. weight capacity (lbs) 275
Material Leather
Recline angle 155 degrees

Are you tired of searching for the best gaming chair with leg rest? Well, 110RSP got you. It is a highly contoured gaming seat that gives a complete gamer vibe when set in the room. It comes in different color contrasts that you can select to complement your gaming build and is suitable for people of 14+ ages.

The standard seat depth of 28.5 inches and adjustable proves that it supports short people amazingly without sulking them. It comes with a proper leg rest to maintain the lower limb’s blood flow to maintain your easiness.

The most crucial part is its back and armrest. The back seat can recline without any resistance up to 155°, giving a good resting experience. The perfect padding captures the posterior and keeps the spine and the shoulder and supporting muscles perfectly in place. It comes with an adjustable head and back pillow for more relaxed gameplay.

Buying guide for the best gaming chair for short people

A proper buying guide deciphers the actual requirements that a person should consider before buying any material.

Here is the proper buying pattern that will help you out to find an adequate gaming chair for short and other people.

Sturdy and long-lasting

Nobody wants to invest in a single thing several times. While taking the former sentence under observation, we will recommend you get your hands on a gaming chair for minor persons made up of a solid metal frame with extensive durability. The foams should be of premium quality while having a tear and damage-resistant covering.

Leather outer covers are in excellent consumption while making gaming seats that are of automotive quality. Nylon and polyester chairs cover also performs pretty well. A sturdy chair does not need to be heavy. Make sure that it is light enough that you can move to other places quickly.

Chair height

Gaming seat height is an essential factor that contributes to comfortable seating. If your height is anywhere between 5-5.7 feet, the ideal gaming seat length would be 15 to 18 inches. This helps you to sit in a pretty comfortable position for long hours.

Variable adjustments

The foremost factor that a gaming chair should have is its vast adjustable options. This helps to customize the chair according to the customer’s physique. These adjustments should include

  • Height adjustment: with the help of a handle, you can adjust the height according to yours.
  • Recline: a good gaming chair should have a good recline angle for the backrest. It should be at least 135 degrees. A recline of 180 degrees would be ideal.
  • Armrests: to support the shoulder and different arm lengths, the limb rest should be adjustable in. many directions, i.e. it should adjust back and forth, up and down and rotate etc.
  • Swivel: swivel supported gaming chairs helps to have a look around the whole room while remaining seated.


You can’t last long on an uncomfortable chair. To prevent this unease, make sure that the gaming chair has the maximum comfort level. Proper padding on the backrest, armrest, seat, and those areas that support your body help increase relaxation.

For more ease, two foamy pillows always come with the gaming chair placed on the neck and back. These support the lower and upper spine and increase the sitting time without causing fatigue. Any seat coming without these comforts could become a big no.

Elevated backrest

Gaming chairs having a small and petite backrest can result in future backache problems. Even for short people, the backrest should be tall enough to support their while posterior at once. The best gaming chair for posture prevents sloppy and sluggish back and keeps your spine in one uniform pattern.

Chair depth

In simple terms, a chair depth is the size of the chair cushion you sit on. It is vital as it helps to maintain posture as well as blood flow. When you sit on a cheat with a perfect seat depth, you should touch the floor with your feet properly, and there should be some extra room between your knees and the seat. If you cannot achieve even one of these practices, chair depth is not good.


Your gaming seat should be solid and rigid enough to bear maximum weights without distortion. Less than this minimal weight can lead to early wreckage of the gaming seat


In the end, the most valuable feature that matters the most is the overall cost. There are many cheap and costly chairs available in the market, and the selection depends on your budget. If you want additional features with supreme quality, you can invest hundreds of dollars on a single gaming seat or buy cheaper ones.

Never buy the most inferior products as there are high risks of early damage and expiry due to low-quality materials. You can always find a sweet spot between these two extremities.

Advantages of having a gaming chair

Discussed below is the sum of many unique benefits that gaming chairs have that are not present in other standard chairs

  • It is specially made for extended hours of gaming. Hence it is more comfortable and continent to use rather than a standard seat.
  • It maintains your posture and reduces the chance of heavy back strain and aches, therefore keeping your posterior always straight and attentive.
  • It is more readily adjustable than the regular seats. You can alter its height, angles and positions according to your preference.
  • Due to its built-in foams and extra neck and back support, it is soft to the touch, and hence, you don’t feel any sharp points.
  • As other regular chairs tend to become a barrier in body’s blood flow, gaming seats are designed in such a specific way that it maintains your even blood circulation through the body.
  • It is aesthetically more pleasing to the eyes and, therefore, complements your gaming setup.
  • Due to extreme convenience, it helps you enjoy your gaming experience with more focus for up to several hours while preventing tardiness.

It may seem that these gaming seats are on the expensive side, but it has some extra unique benefits that result in the maintenance of long term body health.

Our best choice

All of your seven mentions are some of the most premium quality gaming seats that you will ever find and are mostly available everywhere. But if we want to select the best out of seven, our winner would be the X10 flash gaming chair. We crowned or as the winner because of gives all the premium quality features that a perfect gaming chair should be having at affordable prices. Without any double, it is the best gaming chair for short people of all ages.

Final verdict

A height shorter than average me restricts some of the selections like gaming chairs. So, most of the time, people don’t get the perfect gaming seat following their height because of the same reason. To ease your problems, we mentioned the seven best gaming chairs for the short person who are majorly designed for them.

These chairs have all the features that allow comfortable gaming that can last up to hours. These features include design, height, dimensions, weight, and much more. We also selected the best choice out of these seven seats. In addition to gaming chair advantages, we also discussed a buying guide that will always help you out. We hope that this article provided as much information as you wanted.

Frequently asked questions

How will you know that your seat height is perfect?

To ensure that you have achieved a perfect height of seating, your foot should make a right angle with the seating surface.

What minimal weight a gaming chair should be able to bear?

The minimal weight gaming seat should withstand is at least two hundred pounds.

What is the best chair that has a footrest?

Racing style 110 by RESPAWN is an amazing gaming chair with a footrest.

What is the age limit of using gaming chairs?

There is no age limit; any person of any age can use them.

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